The board of the New York bank has given the go-ahead to the creation of its « bitcoin desk ».

The bitcoin time is approaching for Goldman Sachs. The US investment bank, known for its capacity for financial innovation, is in the process of finalizing preparations before the official launch of its cryptocurrency trading business.

A « request » from customers

This service « corresponds to the demand of customers who tell us that they want to have contracts on bitcoin and bitcoins. For them, it’s an alternative value, « Rana Yared, the bank’s director, told The New York Times: » We are aware of the risk and we will be vigilant, « she added.

The US investment bank has named Oliver Harris, 29, to head his new cryptocurrency unit.
Jamie Dimon is not afraid of contradictions. Just months after calling bitcoin a « scam », the whimsical boss of giant JP Morgan has just launched an internal division dedicated to the strategy on … cryptocurrencies.